Brancaster Chronicles are recorded discussions made on the occasion of exhibitions of abstract painting and sculpture, published either as transcripts taken from audio recordings or as unedited videos (via Vimeo). They are organised, transcribed and filmed by the participating artists, and shown with photographs of the work as it was when discussed.

The Chronicles were started in 2013 and the first few transcripts were published on All new transcripts and films are now published exclusively here.

You can get updated about newly published Chronicles as soon as they appear by following this site and/or on twitter at BrancasterChronicles@brancasterchron.

You can make observations, comments and criticisms of individual discussions in the reply box at the very bottom of each post. These comments will be moderated before publication.

If you wish to make comments in general about Brancaster Chronicles, use the reply box at the very bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if you wish to contact us privately, by email, use the contact form immediately below.

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