Brancaster Chronicle No 35: Sarah Greenwood Patchwork Quilts

IMG_1239 -best quilt

Untitled patchwork quilt, finished 2016, cotton fabrics

18th June 2016, London.

Those present: John Bunker, Anne Smart, Anthony Smart, John Pollard, Alexandra Harley, Nick Moore, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, Charley Greenwood, Saul Greenberg, Hilde Skilton, Mark Skilton, Noela James, Mark James, Richard Ward, Emyr Williams.




Untitled patchwork top, unquilted, cotton fabrics



Untitled patchwork top, unquilted, cotton fabrics



Untitled patchwork quilt, finished 2000, cotton fabrics

  1. A friend just described Sarah’s quilts as having ‘sumptuous intelligence’.
    Here is a pic of the early quilt mentioned at the end of the film:


  2. I wasnt able to be there for this show,which I regret.However I posted this on Facebook and received loads of likes and messages as a result.The west country might be a good place to show these quilts,which look beautifull in colour and design.What a class act!


  3. Sarah’s quilts are a welcome addition to the Brancaster discussions with their rich colour vibrations. My difficulty was being able to focus on the work due to their optical qualities: I felt I wanted to stand back further than I could to let them come into focus. But this just might be my eyes! The ones that work better for me were the ones that were a little more broken up in terms of shapes. I struggled more with the more patterned ‘geometrical’ square and triangular works.


    • Jane Lewis said:

      Having just met Sarah I am only now aware of these sumptuous quilts which look to be a welcome departure from the more traditional ‘pretty’ sort I am used to seeing. Punchy and vibrant I hope to see them in the flesh one day. It was good to meet you both, Sarah and Robin.


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