Brancaster Chronicle No. 39: Alexandra Harley Sculptures

IMG_0014 copy

2016, wood, fired clay, wire, spray painted; more details to follow

24th July 2016, the artist’s studio, London.

Those present: Alexandra Harley, John Pollard, John Bunker, Anne Smart, Anthony Smart, Nick Moore, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, Charley Greenwood, Hilde Skilton, Mark Skilton, Noela James, Mark James, Andrew Revell.



Hrof1 copy

2016, roofing felt, spray painted; more details to follow


IMG_0037 copy

2016, fired clay, string; more details to follow


IMG_0046 copy

2016, fired clay, string; more details to follow

  1. Jock Ireland said:

    About an hour and a half after it was posted, I’d listened to the latest, GREAT, hour and half long Brancaster.

    Unfortunately I could only listen to it once during that time—and, of course, I can’t see the work that well—but, as I understand things, the blue piece was once bigger/bulkier—then Alex kind of deconstructed it some. I thought of Bill Tucker’s work when trying to imagine the piece in its bulkier state.

    And it’s great to see Tony’s learning! In the middle of the Brancaster, he announces that everything in the world is “figurative”—everything except abstract sculpture and maybe abstract painting. Read your Aristotle, Tony! Aristotle says abstract sculpture is part of everything!!!


  2. I liked the bold and intriguing wood and clay blue sculpture and hope to see that kind of work explored further. Alex makes both beautiful forms and slightly discordant structures and both working together in a single piece is good, I think.


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